Established in 1959, OCI produces a wide range of chemicals, petrochemicals and carbon materials and increasingly in green energy solutions that will help to make the world a better place for our children and their children.

Our product range includes inorganic chemicals, petro and coal chemicals, fine chemicals and renewable energy. Our production capabilities include carbon black, pitch, tolunes di-isocyanate, hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate, fumed silica and in Malaysia at our Sarawak facility, polycrystalline silicon which is the core material for the manufacture of silicon wafers and photovoltaic cells.

OCI now employs close to 3,000 employees globally with more than 700 personnel from 27 ethnic backgrounds at OCIM in Sarawak.

The OCIM facility in Sarawak produces 35,000 metric tonnes of polysilicon annually for the global market and this equates to 11.7 GW of solar power generation.


The OCI vision is to become a global green energy and chemical company.


We will focus on our core competencies of chemicals and carbon materials production, improve our capital structure whilst growing our business to accelerate profitability across the organisation.