Rewarding Careers at OCIM.

OCI is dedicated to developing its Human Resources

OCI is recognised around the world for its dynamic recruitment strategy and investment in human resources. Our global internship programme is recognised worldwide and this has helped communicate our corporate culture in Asia, Europe and the rest of the world.

OCIM follows the parent company’s ethos of a dynamic approach to business by recruiting and nurturing a multicultural workforce to help OCI cement its position as a global company.

Inline with our values, we stay abreast of salary developments in our industry to ensure we remain competitive and ensure our personnel feel valued by the company.

We understand that human resource development and the opportunity for personal growth are important to our people. Based on internal research, we have a clear career path and succession plan that provides clear direction for personal development and long term human resource development.

Performance management

OCIM evaluates employees on an ongoing basis to ensure our high standards are adhered to as well as provide a benchmark for future improvement.

OCIM employs more than 700 people and our multicultural workforce consists of people from 27 ethnic communities. Our recruitment model revolves around the three characteristics listed below. If you can relate to these characteristics, we are interested to talk to you.