OCIM strives to respect the human rights of our employees. Based on the mutual trust and respectful organizational culture, we restrict unfair business instructions that are inconsistent with rules and regulations. Also, we strive to improve the quality of life of our employees through appropriate compensation and welfare programs respecting our employees’ privacy.

In addition, OCIM values the human rights of our clients, partner companies, and local communities, and strives to comply with the rules and regulations regarding labor and human rights in all countries where we have business. The company opposes all kinds of discrimination, prohibits child labor and forced labor that are against the norm, and operates communication channel to resolve any problems that may arise.

OCIM is committed to respecting human rights addressing our “human rights policy”, publicly supporting global standards and norms presented by the international Labor Organization (ILO), the United Nations and etc.

Principles on the Respect for Human Rights

We officially endorse global standards and norms suggested by international organizations including the Internationsl Labor Organization (ILO)’s, the UN Global Compact and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We recognize that responsibility related to human rights respect is the basic principle to abide by in doing business.

  1. OCIM regards human rights protection as the most basic responsibility in doing business and applies the same principle not only to employees at its business sites, but also to customers, suppliers and communities.
  2. OCIM complies with labor-related laws and regulations required in all countries and regions where OCIM does business.
  3. OCIM does the utmost to guarantee stable employment and an adequate level of wage for its employees and provides a sound work environment.
  4. OCIM implements improving employees’ awareness about human rights by periodically conducting training to prevent human rights violation of employees.
  5. OCIM conducts periodic internal audits to check compliance with the Human Rights Policy and operates channels by which an employee can report to a human rights issue according to predetermined procedures whenever such an issue arises.

Articles on the Respect for Human Rights

Article 1 (Respect for People).

OCIM shall respect all its stakeholders including its employees as human beings, and ensure no psychological or physical oppression, abuse, or unfair treatment.

Article 2 (Anti-discrimination).

OCIM shall not discriminate any employee for any reasons involving social status including gender, race, religion, political preference, nationality or country of origin, disabilities, marital status or pregnancy in employment, training, evaluation, compensation and promotion.

Article 3 (Prohibition of Forced Labor).

OCIM shall neither compel an employee to work against his or her free will through verbal abuse, violence, threats or confinement violence, nor require any commission fees related to the consignment of an ID card, a passport or a labor certificate issued by the government required for labor or recruitment.

Article 4 (Prohibition of Child Labor).

OCIM shall comply with the minimum employment age prescribed in national and local laws. In the event of employing a young worker, no high-risk task will be imposed, and he or she will be exempted from nighttime or overtime work.

Article 5 (Compliance with Working Hours).

OCIM shall maintain regular working hours under the labor relations laws of the nation or the region where OCIM does business and shall not violate regulations on overtime work and days off.

Article 6 (Wage and Welfare Benefits).

OCIM shall pay above the minimum wage set in the labor relations laws of a nation or a region where OCIM does business and contributes to improving all employees’ economic stability and quality of life by operating welfare schemes.

Article 7 (Freedom of Association).

OCIM shall guarantee the right to organize, the right to bargain collectively and the right to act collectively in accordance with labor relations laws in order to provide opportunities to communicate with all employees and shall not treat employees unfairly for reasons such as labor union membership or activities.

Article 8 (Protection of Individual Information and Privacy).

OCIM shall strictly protect confidentiality of personal information for all stakeholders and shall not disclose or consign to others such information without the prior consent of stakeholders.